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We are a team of professionals with domain expertise and with a collective industry experience of over 35 years in local listings and business listings data management. Serving to various search engines in India and abroad.

We have acquired the expertise, over a period of years, on developing and maintaining accurate, authentic local business data. Synergy and excellence in Strategic Alliances/Partnerships is what we look for where our specialized services can be utilized.


Business listings information plays a vital role in promoting the offerings of a business on internet. There are plenty of platforms out there on the web today, thanks to the advanced technology which made very simple that anybody can set up a simple web place – be it a florist on the street, a plumber who just has a mobile contact or a department store which has loads of goods to sell.

A business listing when placed on the web which enables search engines to show the physical location on a map along with other information such as Contact Numbers, Products and Services of the business. Such representations called as impressions on search engines would result in bringing more and new visitors to the business.

A Local Business listing is an online profile that contains business name, contact address, products and services offered in detail along with the geo codes to mark the business physically on the map. It is very important and critical for a business owner to make sure that such information provided or available on the web should be accurate and updated all time.

Role of Business Listings in Online Marketing

The core work of any online marketing campaign begins with the creation of local business listings online. There are many websites and online directories where a local business profile can be published, at free of cost, some prominent ones are for example – ‘Local Google’, ‘Yelp’, ‘Bing Places’, ‘Internet Yellow Pages’ and ‘Yahoo Local’.

The whole idea of creating a local listing is to make sure the business info is visible on the net. Each update to the business profile would improve the chances of being found by the consumers.

Recent researches indicate that while searching for a product or company information, 8 out of 10 people use a directory or an internet directory. Of those who use a directory searches again 8 out of 10 of them result in transactions like purchases.

Maintaining accurate and updated business information in the form of local business listing profile can bring a great ROI. Studies also proved that the consumer behavior of searching any products or service online before purchase is been vastly increased and increasing over by year.

Listing a business info and business website on online directories and websites would not only help on ROI but also help the business website to get more visibility and appear with high ranking in search results. Most search engines would like and give high priority to those webpages or listings profiles which have more presence in the quality websites or online directories

Structure of Business Listings

The vital parts of business listings are grouped in to 3 major segments

This is the key area of a business profile which contains possible values as listed below
Title of the Business
Contact Address
  • Building No
  • Building Name
  • Street No
  • Street Name
  • Sub Area
  • Landmark
  • Locality Name
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • State
  • Country
Landline and Mobile
  • Landline numbers
  • Mobile Numbers
  • Fax Numbers
  • Toll free
  • Short Codes
  • Other contact
Email ID/S
Website Link
Mode of Payment
  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Cards
  • Accepted Card Types
Parking Facilities
  • Valet Parking
  • Covered Parking
  • Free/Paid Parking
Year of Establishment
Contact Person
  • Name
  • Designation
  • Contact Numbers
  • Time of Availability
Geo Location
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
Brief Business Description
Another Vital organ of the business listing structure which include attributes defined at a business category level. They are ideally called e-catalogues for
Product Catalogue
for business that deals with Products, showcasing Brands, Product Name, Detailed Features and descriptions, Images and other important information. (Example: AC Dealers, Computer Dealers, UPS Dealers etc...)
Service Catalogue
for business that is into service segments showcasing the areas of services, expertise, detailed features of the services offered. (Example: Dance Classes, Spa Centres, Beauty Parlors etc...) An e-commerce plugin to this area of the business listing would enable the customer transactions with the business.
This is another key information area of the listings structure, comprises of
  • Reviews
  • Feedback
  • Social Media Reviews
  • Public Opinion
  • Products/Services Comparison
  • Ratings
  • Popularity
  • Testimonials
  • Brand Value

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Maintaining accurate and updated business information can bring a great ROI

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